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xpected o▓utcomes of the Copenhagen summit is an agreement to find a legally-binding de▓al to succeed the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012.T

  • he Kyoto Protocol

    ercent of carbon emissions among industrialized countries.In 2001, the ▓Bush administration

  • is a workable first

    refused to ratify Kyoto, citing potential damage to the US economy.George W. Bush, US Pre

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    sident, said, "What we are going to do is to combine our energy strategy with environment?/p>

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    坅l strategy, so that we could reduce gas emissions, at the same time allow our economy ▓to

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    grow."But scientists say the majority of emissions have come from ri▓ch countries since th

  • cological concerns.

    e Industrial Revolution.America and Europe have produced nearly three-fourths of the carbo

n dioxide from energy production since 1850.Behind the rhetoric on climate change is the bargaining in national interests and a struggle of political powers.Analysts say the main thrust is to create a common form▓ula th

at encompasses both developing n

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